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2019-20 E3 Innovation Grants

Grant Funding: $11,995.49 

(9 fully funded & 7 partially funded)

Audio Lessons 

Christine Reed 
Perdew Elementary 

2019 Perdew.png

     Using daily 10 minute audio lessons, Perdew students will learn to pause and reflect, practice how to mindfully focus, become less stressed and have a greater sense of well being all thanks to Christine Reed.  Also included is an option for parents to link in via email to these daily lessons promoting mindfulness.  E3 provided funding for a one year license for this Inner Explorer program.  

19 PE.png
2019 PE2.png

Pickle Ball

Jim Barnett and Michele Jacks 
Elementary P.E. Program 

     Thanks to Jim Barnett and Michele Jacks were granted the district elementary P.E. Intramural program will now include the engaging game of Pickle Ball.  With a paddle, a net and a ball, students will learn elements fo ping pong, tennis, and badminton, while learning this innovative, popular new sport. E3 Foundation purchased 98 paddles, 24 balls, and 8 nets for the program. 

9 Square in the Air 

Chad Nemecek
Day Creek Intermediate School 

     Thanks to Chad Nemeck, 9 Square in the Air is already a hit during Parent Nights and PE at Day Creek.  It is so much fun and so popular that staff will now have a 2nd set to double the participation during PE and related events.  This 2ng set includes a Black Light Accessory to make play even more exciting.  Put on your neon and join the fun!

2019 HIS.png

STARS Students Snack Cart

Sarah Meltreger 
Heritage Intermediate School 

     Serve snacks. Share conversation. Curate skills. That is the mission for Sarah Meltreger's STARS students as they will work together to run a snack cart selling snacks to adults on campus.  Student shell experience real-life work scenarios, problem solving skills, and social situations, all while working on academic skills such as handling money and assessing inventory.  E3 funding will purchase the cart to assist providing these STARS students with this useful life skill experience.  

2019 Win2.png

Music Anyone?

Loren Martinez
Windrows Elementary 

     Loren Martinez along with the E3 Foundation is supporting the school wide Music Program at Windrows.  In addition to Recorders provided by PTA for 4th graders, all TK-5 students experience music theory and music instruction twice a month.  With a class set of musical instruments such as bells, rhythm sticks, blocks, tambourines, and other percussion instructions, and with a keyboard for instructional purposes, students will now have actual instruments for hands on music instruction. 

Guided Reading 

Kerry Hackman & Colony Teachers 
Etiwanda Colony Elementary 

     Etiwanda Colony is using a variety of funding sources in their ongoing expansion of the Book Room with provides Guided Reading books of all levels to instruct students during Universal Access time.  E3 funding will assist in purchasing challenging fiction and non-fiction material for all levels to support small group reading instruction. 

2019 Colony.png
2019 Colony2.png
2019 Solorio.png
2019 Solorio2. png.png

Coding with SPHERO

Letty Lee 
Solorio Elementary

     E3 funding will support Letty Lee in teaching her kindergartens how to code using a set of 12 Sphero  SPRK robots. Her young learners will collaborate, create, and problem solve as they use their Sphere to create simple shapes, then navigate through mazes and other STEM activities.  

STEM Bins 

Justine Sterling
Perdew Elementary

Engaging students with STEM bins will assist Justine Sterling in following the District's initiative of "Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today". Using the resource kits provided by E3, students will explore, collaborate, create solutions, and spark interest in STEM career fields. 

2019 PerdewA1.png
2019 PerdewA2.png

Engineering with Literacy 

Melissa Neise
CLOUDS: Falcon Ridge

     The CLOUDS preschool team at Falcon Ridge is using Fairy Tale and Folk Tale STEM kits to connect literacy with engineering at a developmentally appropriate level.  Preschoolers learn to design a house that cannot be blown down construct a bridge to keep the goats safe, and more!  E3 funds provided additional kits to allow for small group use  during STEM Lab visits.  

2019 FC Clouds2.png
2019 FR Clouds1.png
2019 HISA1.png

Hawk News  

Jonathan Margrave
Heritage Intermediate School 

     Mr. Margraves's Leadership class creates a daily newscast broadcasting the day's announcements and video segments of special events.  They use iPads and Chromebooks to write, produce, film and edit video. Though effective, those tools are not powerful enough to meet their needs.  Their production will now become much more streamlined and efficient with the E3 funds toward an iMac computer to manage the large amounts of video in their productions. 

2019 west1.png

Video Production 

Kimberly Cataldo & Emily Gryte 
West Heritage Elementary 

2019 west2.png

     Producing a news broadcast for the entire school to enjoy is a goal of the GATE program at West Heritage.  Kimberly Cataldo and Emily Gryte are working with Rancho Cucamonga High School students who will demonstrate to their GATE student how to complete a bulletin segment from start to finish, including proper use of equipment.  much technology is needed to support this project.  E3 funding will provide a photo/video camera, tripods, microphones, and software to get this project launched. 

2019 DCIS1.png
2019 DCIS2.png

Jr. Botball Robots 

Matilda Kaneshina & Angela Daley 
Day Creek Intermediate School 

     Matilda Kaneshina and Angela Daley are meeting STEAM standards in their 8th grade classrooms with students using Junior bobtail robots to learn how to code, to think critically, collaborate, communicate, and be creative in using real computer language to command their robot to complete tasks.  E3 funding provided 3 additional robots to enrich this program.  

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