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2018-19 E3 Innovation Grants

Fully Funded Projects


Magnet Kits

Mary Arellano and Tyler Kuramata

Day Creek Intermediate School 

Mary Arellano and Tyler Kuramata, from DCIS, wanted to add level 3 magnet kits for all students to explore and investigate motion and stability, matter, and its interactions. They noted that these kits would be great hands on activities that support the new NGSS standards and the existing Physical Science Standards.

They also asked for kits to support converting gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy. The class will make observations and draw conclusions about the natural world.


Lego Boost Bots

Michelle Trejo, Kathryn Valentic, and Cynthia Haston

East Heritage

Michelle Trejo, Kathryn Valentic and Cynthia Haston, from East Heritage, were granted money to fund STEAM through Lego Boost Bots. This grant will allow them to have 6 Lego Boost creative toolboxes that will rotate between all the 3rd grade classrooms. These kits allow students to explore coding. They can speak to their robot and it will respond with facial expressions that reflect its mood. It can move, grip and follow a pattern. They can’t wait to see the students’ natural curiosity and desire to create, explore and investigate.


3D Printing

Mike Ferrari

Day Creek Intermediate School 

Mike Ferrari, from DCIS, was granted a 3D printing machine that he will be using in his math, elective and GATE classes which will include approximately 250+ students per year. Students will be using 3D design using Tinkercad. Once the student has designed the object, it will be translated into GCODE. Each child will have the opportunity to feel like an engineer and walk away with a product.


STEAM Materials

Bailee Campbell

Terra Vista

Bailee Campbell, from Terra Vista, was granted a list of STEAM materials used to conduct 18 rotations of STEAM classes for grades 3-5. There is a team of teachers that gather materials and put together creatively designed lesson plans for each grade level. These interactive hands on opportunities are some of the days that student look forward to most.


Rhythm Sticks

Cynthia Smith

West Heritage

Cynthia Smith, from West Heritage, was granted money towards rhythm sticks that can be used in the kindergarten classrooms. These will be used 20 minutes weekly with all students to promote attention and engagement through dance and music. This activity done correctly will increase their attention and requires intense concentration and focus as the patterns become more difficult. The entire group will be able to perform together by the end of the year.

Partially Funded Projects


Botball Kit

Matilda Kaneshina and Angela Daley

Day Creek Intermediate School

Matilda Kaneshina and Angela Daley, from DCIS, were granted enough money to purchase one Botball Kit each, so students can join a Junior Botball Challenge. They attended a week long professional development over the summer and learned about coding, logic, creating algorithms, programing and error analysis. Students will be engaged in highly interactive technology. With the knowledge her students gain through the Junior Botball Challenge her students could be the next ones to create something like a Roomba that detects walls or a Tesla that can drive itself out of a garage.

School Chorus


Aaron Whitehead

Etiwanda Intermediate School

Aaron Whitehead, from Etiwanda Intermediate, started a school wide chorus this year. This group will meet weekly and put on various concerts throughout the year. E3 was able to partially fund this grant by purchasing all sheet music so they can get started.


Coyote News Team

Yvette Schemenauer

Day Creek Intermediate School

Yvette Schemenauer and Coyote News Team, from DCIC, was granted partial funding for a 2nd year in a row. The Coyote News Team was fully funded last year and continues to make improvements to their equipment.  Coyote News is an award winning 8th grade, yearlong elective. They write, act, film, edit and produce morning announcements, short films, and educational videos for 1,300 students at Day Creek. This year we hope the money we were able to grant them will help to upgrade some of their lighting equipment.

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