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2020-21 E3 Innovation Grants

Grant Funding: $ 4994.38

(7 fully funded & 1 partially funded)

2020 TV1.png

Guided Reading  

Laurel McCallister 
Terra Vista Elementary 

     As a primary teacher, one of  Laurel McCallister’s main goals is to continue to increase the reading levels for her lstgraders. Her grant will provide leveled readers for each student for home learning. Used as a Grab and Go for Tier 2 Intervention, students will engage with a tangible book as a break from their computer screens. This will allow them to practice reading at their own pace and also allow for her to coach them individually for optimal progress.

2020 FR1.png
2020 FR2.png

Virtual Visits Around the World

Kimi Herrera 
Falcon Ridge Elementary 

     In their virtual world in Mrs. Herrera’s Kindergarten class, students will be taking virtual field trips to local community attractions and the world beyond. The Fire Station, the  Great Wall of China, an African safari, a trip into Space, and more will come alive for students with videos, narratives, posters, and projects that will broaden their hearts and minds! 

                                                        Happy Travels, Kinders!

2020 FRA1.png

Facts + Fun = Fluency 

Sarah McLoud, Jenny De Angelo
& Peggy Kinsey 

Falcon Ridge Elementary School 

2020 FRA2.png

     A major Math goal of 3rd grade teachers is developing student fluency in multiplication facts. These At Home Fluency Kits will provide fun, engaging and differentiated ways to build number sense and multiplication fluency. Teachers will introduce these 13 games virtually and provide videos for families so they can enjoy the activities with their students at home. The plan for usage is to collect the games at the end of the year, resupply and use for following years. 

2020 DC1.png

STEAM Elective

Mary Arellano 
Day Creek Intermediate School 

     In Mary Arellano’s 6 week Elective class, students will be excited to work hands-on in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Art with K’Nex manipulatives, as they learn about RNA and DNA-the molecules of which they are made, and how they are built. With the assistance of educational guides and worksheets, students will build and learn about parts of the RNA and DNA strands.

2020 TVA2.png
2020 TVA1.png

Grab & Go STEAM Kits

Priscilla Rice 
Terra Vista Elementary 

As evidenced by past participation, students at Terra Vista love STEAM! While teachers are busy teaching virtually, they also want to continue engagement in Science through At Home STEAM activities. Critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and motivation can all happen with Grab and Go STEAM kits. Imagine the engineering challenges some gumdrops, straws, popsicle sticks, Styrofoam cups and bottle tops can bring!

GATE Video Production 

Kimberly Cataldo 
West Heritage Elementary 

2019 west1.png
2020 WH.png

     Producing a news broadcast for the entire school to enjoy is a goal of the GATE program at West Heritage. Kimberly Cataldo is working with Rancho Cucamonga High School students who will demonstrate to their GATE students how to complete a video segment from start to finish, including proper use of equipment. E3 supported the beginnings of this program last year with funding for cameras and tripods. This year’s grant for Adobe software and partial funds toward an iMac computer will allow this program to continue to succeed.

2020 SIS A1.png
2020 SIS A2.png
2020 SIS A3.png

Culturally Diverse Reading Materials

Sierra Dasher 
Summit Intermediate School

     While instilling a love of reading, Ms. Dasher would like to see her middle school students relate and see their identity reflected in their reading selections. Bringing these culturally diverse titles to her classroom, students can meet a variety of people, places and experiences unlike themselves. This diverse range of literature will assist her in implementing a culturally responsive curriculum while promoting literacy skills through book clubs and literacy circles. 

2020 TV A2.png
2020 TV A3.png
2020 TV A1.png

Virtual-Hybrid STEM Activities 

Jessica Corona & Danielle Van Stryland 
Terra Vista Elementary  

     Though currently teaching virtually, the 3rd Grade Team at TV is striving to provide high quality STEAM activities to allow students to engage in Science and Art in a hands-on way at home. Each activity is planned to be interactive and developmentally challenging. Engaging activities such as building an index card tower, a hoop glider, a marshmallow deployer or an eraser catapult will enhance Engineering concepts and keep the creative juices flowing!

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