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 Innovation Grant Information 

What Is a mini-grant proposal? 

Teachers are always looking for additional resources to help them in bringing innovative experiences to students. The E3 Innovation Grant is a voluntary, competitive application.  It will fund innovative, creative projects up to $1000 for materials and/or equipment needed for a specific project which will enrich the classroom or school's current programs. The grants may be awarded to those projects that advance the curriculum; pilot a program; encourage creative, innovative effort; inspire and/or motivate students; and have potential for longevity. 


E3 is seeking to identify projects for potential funding.  We encourage interested staff to submit a grant proposal for a project they consider being of significant enhancement to Etiwanda students. The potential projects may span the curriculum, but should provide some innovative academic or enrichment instruction. Monies are to be used for materials, books, STEAM, technology, instruments, curriculum and more.  Monies may not be used for salaries, stipends, contracts, training, or personal benefit. All materials purchased are property of the Etiwanda School District. See the FAQ below for further details.

Grants are reviewed and awarded by the E3 Foundation.  The Foundation does not have funding to accept all proposals.  Since proposals vary in financial need, the number of grants awarded cannot be determined in advance of submissions. The number of grants awarded will be dependent on the number of grants received, the quality of the grants received, and the overall amount of monies requested. The E3 Board determines the amount of E3 revenue allocated yearly.  For the 2023-24 school year, the amount is $15,000.  


We encourage your participation in this venture.  The foundation members are grateful for your commitment to educational excellence, and we appreciate all the donations from staff, parents, and community businesses which allow this program to exist.  

Looking for an idea?  Check out previous grant winners by year under the GRANTS tab

at the top of the page.  

Applications due in the E3 mailbox at the ESD Superintendent's Office

by Thursday, September 21, 2023 by 4 PM   


Presentation of Grants given at ESD Board Meeting October 26, 2023  

What criteria will be used to select proposals? 

The E3 Innovation Grant Committee will be using the following criteria: 

1. Completeness of the application 

2. Compatibility of grant with existing school initiatives and practices and district guidelines

3. Degree of Innovativeness 

4. Degree to which it advances the academic program for the students

5. Degree of promise for immediate and future successful impact on pupils  

6. Degree to which the project may be maintained, replicated, and inspire others  

What are E3's expectations in awarding the Innovation Grant? 

In addition to supplying a completed application by the due date, the following is expected: 

1. The applicant will complete the project as designed

2. The E3 foundation will be able to photograph your program, with student permission

3. The E3 foundation will be able to publicize the award and post to our web site 

4. The grant recipient will attend a Board of Trustees Meeting to be recognized 

5. The grant recipient may thank the Foundation via writing or photo or social media   

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