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2017-18 E3 Innovation Grants

Fully Funded Projects


G.O.  B.U.G.

Groups Observe, Build, Understand and Grow

Maureen Marino

Kindergarten teacher, Golden Elementary School 


Using “Code-a-pillars” purchased with E3 Grant Funds, students as young as kindergarten have the opportunity to begin learning coding skills in order to understand the language of technology.  Working in groups of three to four, students attach different “code” segments to the caterpillar, which include directions to turn, go straight, and increase speed to reach a designated target. 

engaging s minds hadock 1_edited_edited_
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Engaging Student Minds Through Sciences

Traci Haddock

Sixth Grade Teacher, Day Creek Intermediate School 


Mrs. Haddock used E3 Grant Funds to purchase Little Bits science kits.  Little Bits are modular electronic and electric components that magnetically attach to each other to create functional circuitry.  Students can follow directions to build predesigned projects or combine components to  create  a custom prototype.  Students’ progress through projects  such as buzzers, timers, driving vehicles, security devices, games and throwing arms.  Students use STEM principles, along with critical thinking and real world problem solving, in completing projects.

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Coyote News Network

Yvette Schemenauer

Eighth Grade teacher, Day Creek Intermediate School 


CNN, the Coyote News Network,  a technology elective class at Day Creek Intermediate, was started in  the 2016-17 school year. Coyote News Network is a daily elective in which students create a weekly video broadcast for the entire campus to view on Monday mornings.  The students write scripts, video record,  video edit, and produce the entire show.  Mrs. Schemenauer,  the teacher for the class,  wrote an E3 STEM grant, requesting new equipment to improve the broadcast quality.   E3 Grant funds were used to purchase a new camera, microphone and editing software.  The broadcasts can be viewed at  

digital trejo 1.jpg

Digital Integration Across the Curriculum 

Michelle Trejo

Third Grade teacher, East Heritage Elementary School 


In Mrs. Trejo’s third grade classroom, students use technology to create videos related to different subjects in the classroom.  Students use research and writing skills to create a script for their video.  In addition, students must use their speaking skills in the filming of the presentation.  So far this year, students have researched and presented reports on one of the planets in our solar system and have also done a video book report to encourage other students to read.  A green screen is used so students can have background images that reflect their topic.  The presentations are shared with parents at Open House.  E3 STEM grant funds were used to purchase equipment  for video and audio recording of the presentations.

CLASS Guerra 2.jpg
CLASS Guerra 1.jpg


Classes Reflecting Through

Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish 

Dana Guerra 

Sixth Grade teacher, Day Creek Intermediate School 


In a project that integrates Language Arts, Social Studies and art, as a culmination of the unit studying Greece, students in Mrs. Guerra’s class researched a particular area of Ancient Greek culture and life.  Students began by researching ancient Greek life, writing a paragraph about this, designing a Greek vase using black markers on a terracotta vase.  Their vase, representing classic Greek artwork, will be on display for parents at Open House.  E3 grant funds were used to purchase small vases and the markers for the project. 

Reawakening Bertell 1.jpg
Reawakening Bertell 2.jpg
Reawaking Bertell.jpg

Reawakening the Garden 

Kathleen Bertell & Donna Shiflett

Third Grade teacher, Solorio Elementary School & parent volunteer 


Using funds from an E3 STEM grant, the Solorio “Tiger Garden” is reawakening the garden and being utilized for hands-on learning time for our students.  The mission for the Solorio garden is to have students build a strong foundation for learning, developing, and applying their educational skills that will prepare them for the future.  Not only are students putting their skills to work but also, learning about the importance of teamwork and community involvement.  Students also collect and interpret data regarding the garden such as checking the health of the soil and plants, learning about good and bad bugs, measuring plants, and germination timing.  E3 funds were used to purchase wood to frame the garden beds and soil to enhance the garden, creating an “outdoor classroom” for Solorio TK and Kindergarten students.

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