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E3 School Site Reps

Caryn Elementary

April Clark 

Day Creek Intermediate

Jill Hutchinson

 East Heritage Elementary

Tiffany Berst

 Etiwanda Colony Elementary

Stephanie Culp

 Etiwanda Intermediate

Melany Amaya

Golden Elementary

Chris Richtman

 Grapeland Elementary

Mitch White

Heritage Intermediate

Brooklin Trover

Carlton P. Lightfoot Elementary

Jamie Peterson

 David W. Long Elementary

Regina DiMuccio

 Perdew Elementary

Rayna Prothro

 Cecilia L. Solorio Elementary

Araceli Juarez

Summit Intermediate

Cindy Duffy

 Terra Vista Elementary 

Jaime Putnam

 West Heritage Elementary

Nicole King

 Windrows Elementary

Kelli Hernandez

 District Office

Patty Robin

Please consider a donation to E3. Your money will positively impact students in Etiwanda. The “Give Big Campaign” of San Bernardino joins the National Day of Giving on December 1st. Donate early on the web to E3.
Giving Dates
November 1st- December 1st
Donate at

You tax-deductible donation to the E3 Foundation through the “Give Big Campaign”, will support Etiwanda school and classroom libraries. Your $10 will by two paperback books and $25 will buy one library bound hardback book. Donations up to $1000 are match; so $10 quickly becomes $20.



It is with great honor that we serve the community and its families. Our organization is made up of members of the community, parents of children within our school district,  educators and administrators that have excellent, long standing reputations here within the community.


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What We Offer

We have the same interests you have in making our local schools the best possible vehicle to our children's best hope for a positive contribution to their futures, our society and the next generation of parents, educators and productive members of our community. We are the conduit to your voice, concerns and pride within the school district and all that takes place in our community.


Our Commitment To You

The Etiwanda School district has an exciting history of more than 100 years.  Our district is built upon an abundance of traditions that settle for nothing less than excellence.   The E3 Foundation represents yet another cornerstone of success for children.  Our foundation started in 2005 and has been carefully planned to meet the current and future needs of the Etiwanda student body.



Mission Statement

"Enhancing a high quality, well-rounded education for ALL students in the Etiwanda School District."

The Etiwanda Excellence in Education Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2005 by dedicated educators, parents and business professionals who clearly recognize the need to support education in Etiwanda.

Every child holds the promise of progress.  The Etiwanda Excellence in Education Foundation has the flexibility to reach all children within our district and community.  You too can make a difference and you can be part of ensuring each child has the tools to make a positive difference right here in our neighborhood.  Supporting education one child at a time is the right thing to do!